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Charley Beckett—perfectly sane, normal, Charley Beckett—counts everything. Years since her parents' unsolved murder: fifteen. Bodies she's found dead: three. Puncture wounds on each of their throats: two. People who believe her when she says vampires are to blame: zero.

Since her parents' murder, she's tried to get past her hallucinations, PTSD, and her reputation as the little red-haired girl police found screaming about monsters that didn't—surely, couldn't—exist. But there's this story—conspiracy theory—swirling around her small town that says her father was part of a secret government experiment, one that would prove vampires weren't legends at all. And Charley can't move on. Especially when she stumbles upon a dead girl with the same bloody puncture wounds as her parents—and someone follows her home.

Left with no one who believes her, Charley breaks into the abandoned facility where her father once worked, desperate to find the truth. But she's not the only one after answers. Victor, a handsome vampire, is there to convince her that not only is she perfectly sane, but he's the only one that can save her from those who seek to abuse her connection to the government's experiments. However, when Victor knows details about her parents' death that only the murderer could, Charley will need to learn to trust herself, no matter how crazy her thoughts may seem. If she doesn't, she'll go from counting bodies to counting her last





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