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What If Writing Prompts... & More!

Here I am again with another post updating my new website. I hope you enjoy these prompts and that one of them sparks some inspiration.


19 What If... writing prompts. For this exercise, I inserted "you" in place of your character.

  1. What if you found out your brother was an alien?

  2. What if each time you fell asleep you awoke in a different world?

  3. What if you found a baby on your front porch?

  4. What if a warrior was holding a blade to your throat?

  5. What if a dinosaur was discovered to be thriving in the Amazon?

  6. What if you were about to wed and a bridesmaid stepped out of line to object?

  7. What if your parents told you they kidnapped you?

  8. What if you bough a lotto ticket with your last 10 dollars?

  9. What if the woman standing next to you at the bank turned toward you and whispered, "run."

  10. What if someone took something your character couldn't live without?

  11. What if your character drew a blade on their best friend?

  12. What if people are searching for your character?

  13. What if your character ran away with a boy?

  14. What if your character gets lost in the woods?

  15. What if your character found a magic key?

  16. What if your character loses their magic?

  17. What if your character finds a long lost relative?

  18. What if your character plans to vanish?

  19. What if the princess killed the king?

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10 Dialogue Writing Prompts

  1. "You said you loved me." "Did I?"

  2. "How long have you known?" "Since before you were born."

  3. "Have you tried it? Cannibalism, I mean."

  4. "Remember, I'm not completely human anymore."

  5. "Tell me where it is before I find it and use it on you."

  6. "Well, unfortunately for you, you don't get to ask the questions."

  7. "If you could begin to comprehend where I've been, you'd be terrified of me."

  8. "Hush, you'll wake the demon."

  9. "Whatever you do, promise me you won't go through that door."

  10. "You're insane. Everything about this plan is illegal."

13 Spooktacular Writing Prompts

  1. A bright beam lit the night sky and a body lifted into the air.

  2. The hall before me was vacant, but that didn't stop the shadows from dancing on the walls.

  3. Bodies posed like mannequins are found in a deserted basement, submerged in tanks full of a strange liquid.

  4. A small town fears something that lives in the woods.

  5. They found her cuffed and latched to the bed, a single trickle of blood running down her chin.

  6. A character gets into an elevator and simply vanishes.

  7. Your character is singing in the shower, when she stops, someone is clapping.

  8. In the other room a child is playing. The parent stops to listen and hears him talking about murder.

  9. They locked the doors and windows but these creatures emerged from the ground.

  10. Everyday at 3:23pm an empty swing starts swinging.

  11. Once everyone falls asleep that's when the walls begin to bleed.

  12. Write about a doll that mysteriously follows a family from home to home.

  13. Once everyone falls asleep that's when the walls begin to bleed.

15 Throw A Wrench In It: Prompts for when you're stuck.

  1. Your character is now facing a time crunch.

  2. An unexpected visitor enters the scene.

  3. Your character just heard a door shut.

  4. Oh no, your character just received the worst news.

  5. Your character's worst enemy just entered the scene.

  6. It's your character's lucky day! They've just received the best news ever.

  7. A "friend" betrayed your character.

  8. Your character just found someone (or something) that they love!

  9. Everyone loves unexpected gifts...except for the one your character just got!

  10. Can they not read a map? Your character has been traveling in the WRONG direction.

  11. Dreams aren't always what they seem, but that one gave your character the perfect idea.

  12. Your character feels guilty about how they treated someone (Cringe. It was bad.)

  13. Shucks! Your character just embarrassed themselves in front of someone important.

  14. Oh no...something (or someone) your character loves just went missing.

  15. Raise the stakes! Something horrible just happened to your character.

Thank you so much for stopping in! Before you go, check out my bookmark shop: Bookwired Bookmarks.

Please share with me if you use any of these prompts! I'd love to read what you've written.

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